pinheadPinhead Gunpowder
Compulsive Disclosure

Pinhead Gunpowder is Billie Joe Armstrong’s pet project that lets him rock out old-school Green Day style, without having to compromise Green Day’s current alternative sound.

Every song on “Compulsive Disclosure” rocks like the mid-90s punk scene, infusing poppy melodic vocals without relying on cheesy guitar production and cliche pop-punk themes.

Buffalo opens up the record with a two minute blitz of catchy vocals and three-chord punk rock. The acoustic guitars come out on Landlords, but they are done similar to some of the mellower Swingin’ Utter’s tunes.

Porch is the group’s token hardcore song, but at 23 seconds long, it never gets a chance to get bad. The two-part harmonies and awesome bass work by Bill on New Blood could easily be a “Dookie” b-side, which makes one wonder if Pinhead Gunpowder is really a side-project or a forecast of things to come. With a new Green Day record in the works, fans can only be hopeful that “Compulsive Disclosure” might rub off on Armstrong just a little.