This is being reposted from my Facebook Wall in tribute to the last great ride at Epcot in Disney World — Maelstrom — getting axed in favor of a stupid Frozen ride. This is just another reason why Disneyland is better.

Well, after finally spending a decent amount of time in both Disney parks, I can honestly say that Disneyland kicks Disney World’s ass when it comes to the Magic Kingdom.

Here’s my Top 10 list of why I like Disneyland more:

  1. Characters are everywhere in the park with little to no lines. Mickey had a line of five people. Snow White was just walking around.
  2. You don’t need reservations to get awesome food. You just walk in like any other restaurant.
  3. The history: The original 1955 rides are in great condition and you get a true sense that Disney actually built this park and it was a labor of love.
  4. Less people: the tourist factor is way lower. And I love that so many people in the park are locals. You can tell that Disneyland truly is a part of Southern Californian culture.
  5. Trader Sam’s: While not actually in the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland has a true Tiki Mecca right outside it’s doors and the drinks are fabulous. Updated: Disney World now has its own Trader Sam’s in the Polynesian, which is awesome, but I prefer that the Anaheim bar is in Downtown Disney, which is easier to get in and out of.
  6. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle: you can walk right through it and check out the whole building without any special passes or anything.
  7. Greatest hits of rides: with the exception of maybe the new Toy Story ride, all the killer rides are in one park, right next to each other.
  8. Better souvenirs: This is a personal preference, but the amount of high quality art and non-tchotchke things you can buy here is epic. There were no Tiki mugs for sale in Orlando, let alone signed and numbered Shag giclées.
  9. The punk rock factor: this was strange, but half the guests to Disneyland are heavily tattooed punk rockers. I got more compliments on my Descendents shirt than I ever had in my life. It was like being at punk rock summer camp.
  10. I can hug Mickey at Disneyland without spending hundreds on a character breakfast. Just saying.