This past December, I got the opportunity to see Brian Setzer perform for the first time and I was as happy as a kid in a candy shop with crisp hundred dollar bill. While I would rather see the Stray Cats, I settled for the Setzer’s massive orchestra and their annual Christmas spectacular. The show was near perfect, with plenty of Setzer tunes spanning his entire career.

I geeked out big time when he excused his horn section and stripped the crew down to the bare essentials — bass, guitar and vocals — and tore through a fiery set of Stray Cat tunes. The only bad part was the audience, which consisted primarily of 60-year-old couples bitching about everything from the sound being too loud to “kids” standing up during songs. It just killed the atmosphere.

Here’s a small taste from the evening. Sorry about the video quality, but I was on the mezzanine and didn’t have a real zoom.