We are back at the Headhunter’s Lounge with an action-packed show featuring the illustrious Stu Horvath of Unwinnable fame who will enlighten us about how much it sucks to be an independent web publisher these days, as well as the history of the Geek Flea. We are also going to play Russian roulette and call a random Swede to discuss comic books, punk rock, Ikea and the Swiss Superman Antonio Cesaro’s return to WWE.

Finally, in celebration of Record Store Day 2016, we’ll discuss the first record we ever purchased with our own money. All that, and Stu will teach us how to make a Poor Man’s Manhattan. Tune in every Tuesday night at 9pm ET on Facebook Live and Wednesday on YouTube and iTunes.

Poor-Man’s Manhattan

2 oz  whisky
Dash of Angostura bitters

Pour everything over ice and stir