It’s always kind of funny when I look back at old concert photos and realize that the guitarist in one of the bands is now one of my closest friends. In 2007, I had no idea who Animal Blood or Dave Trainer was other than that they were opening for one of my favorite bands, Love Cinema Vol. 6. Judging by the number of great photos I got of Dave I either already had a man crush on him or he kicked so much ass that I couldn’t ignore him. I’m sure it didn’t help that their lead singer kept facing away from the audience. 

Here’s the original review posted in Life In A Bungalo as well as a full photo series from the Animal Blood set:

The best part of the evening was Animal Blood, a collective of stoner, hippie guys that sound like a cross between Dio-era Sabbath and Clutch. They also attract a large contingent of shirtless, barefoot, long haired dudes that smell really bad. Luckily, their music kicked all kinds of ass. They might be the heaviest band I’ve ever seen play in front of 15 people, and they sound way bigger than Metallica in their hey day. I don’t know much else about these guys, but be ready to hear a lot more from them. They closed with a homage/ironic joke version of “Firestorm” by Earth Crisis that was note for note perfect, until the singer laughed and walked off stage half way through it. Awesome. Check out their new e.p. on the band’s myspace.

For the record, Dave is not a hippie. Though if the concert was today, I probably would have called them hipsters.