After a year and a half of producing Mai Tai TV as a live-streamed web show, we decided to move platforms and go full podcast with the show. As much as Hambone and I love being seen every few weeks by dozens and dozens of fans, we realize that it’s boring as hell to watch two dudes talking to each other for 45 minutes, especially if we don’t have guests or props. 

So starting today, Mai Tai TV is now Mai Tai Happy Hour, a weekly geek culture podcast spotlighting awesome cocktails, Tiki bars, comic books, video games, wrestling and more. With the move to an audio-only format we can produce more content without the hassle of lighting and building out a set every week. For our current podcast listeners, this means a far better audio experience as we can use actual microphones to record our sultry voices. Anyway, here’s what we have lined up for you this week. 

Tune in as we share our thoughts on Defenders, the latest Marvel Netflix show featuring Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist. We also discuss grilled cocktails (and tell you how to make one), live takes from NXT Takeover Brooklyn III and why you shouldn’t judge Tiki torches just because some douchebag neo-nazis wanted to look tough during their silly little march. Finally, Hambone fills us in on his trip to Gen Con and we recap the season finale of Game of Thrones. 

If you like the new format (and even if you don’t), please rate, review and subscribe to Mai Tai Happy Hour on iTunes and shoot us an email or comment below if you want to discuss the latest show.