The semitic superhero, Joshua Seth, joins us this week as we break down the updated (rebooted?) version of Stephen King’s IT and compare it to the book and the original miniseries. We offer our quick takes on the four million movies previewed before IT, including Death Wish, Flatliners and Justice League.

Appetite for Destruction turns 30 this year, so we felt it was imperative to talk about when we discovered Guns ‘N’ Roses’ groundbreaking debut, our favorite songs and why this record will stand the test of time. In other news, we forced Josh to watch Total Bellas, possibly his first reality television experience since The Osbournes. He explains what he thought of the show and whether it’s become a gateway drug to WWE for non-wrestling fans.

Finally, I educate the masses on the history of the the Hurricane cocktail and why it’s so ingrained in New Orleans culture. All this, and we pick a new nickname for Hambone.