For the first time in the history of Mai Tai Happy Hour, we are talking football. To be fair, we actually discuss the XFL and what its resurrection means for wrestling fans, because we realize no one really cares about football. I swear, this isn’t going to be a regular occurrence. 

In celebration of the 36th anniversary of the greatest movie ever made, we take a deep-dive into the making of Conan the Barbarian, including the crazy story about how it was conceived, our favorite scenes and how it changed fantasy cinema for years to come. 

The Original Misfits are back together and will be coming to the East Coast for the first time this May. Sadly, the backlash from fans about ticket prices being too high has reached absurd levels, and it’s time for people to shut the hell up and support a band that everyone has been hoping would reunite. Who cares if this is an obvious money grab? It’s the fucking Misfits.

Finally, we give our thoughts on the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble, what worked, what didn’t and how WWE can improve on the concept going forward. Also, Hambone kicks off a month of whiskey cocktails with his recipe for the Whiskey Sour.