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Author: George Koroneos

Bring Me The Horizon Photos | Taste of Chaos 2009

Before Falling in Reverse became the poster children for all that is awful about modern-day hardcore, Bring Me The Horizon were leading the charge with droning emo-core that mixed avant-techno nonsense with screaming vocals and neck tattoos. I had to sit through their set at Taste of Chaos in 2009, probably the first time I really felt old at a concert. I will give them this, they were the most energetic band on the line-up and they put on a show that the fans loved. I won’t go as far as to say that I want that hour of...

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Reverend Horton Heat, Nekromantix, Creepshow at Irving Plaza

Reverend Horton Heat/Nekromantix/Creepshow  Irving Plaza January 24, 2014 The Reverend Horton Heat is an act that’s both very easy to pigeonhole, yet very difficult to define. On one hand, you have traditional rockabilly band that blends Americana and psychobilly to design a sound that could easily be lumped in with old school stalwarts like the Stray Cats. But that would be too easy. RHH was born from the early ’90s Sub Pop scene, a world as far removed from Southern California rockabilly as it gets. They were both too late for the rockabilly revival and too early for the...

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