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Author: George Koroneos

Hot Water Music “Exister”

Hot Water Music “Exister” Rise Records To be clear, I am not an old school Hot Water Music fan. In fact, I didn’t even pay them any mind until I happened upon their set at last year’s Riot Fest. The band blew me away, and I began to regret missing out on the past decade and a half of raw rock and roll this Gainesville-bred quartet has been cranking out tirelessly. With “Exister”, Hot Water Music return to form after a self-imposed hiatus from recording HWM music that’s been in effect (more or less) since 2006. Right off the...

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Weston Live at Highline Ballroom

Weston Highline Ballroom July 6, 2011 Weston was one of those bands that should have been huge. They had the sound of Blink 182, the lyrics of Green Day, and the look of Sugar Ray. Sadly, the band fell apart after taking a more mature direction, and a whole generation of punk rockers missed out on this awesome pop-punk quartet. Luckily, the band saw fit to reunite for a few sold-out shows over the past few years, culminating in an opening slot for the Bouncing Souls during the Jersey band’s “We Will Play a Different Album Every Night” Tour....

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