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Tara McPherson and the art of kickass rock & roll posters

This interview was originally published in Life In A Bungalo on August 17, 2006 In the 10 years since I ran this interview, Tara McPherson has become a worldwide art icon and one of the most down-to-earth and hardworking artists out there today. Last year, she designed a sick series of limited posters for the New York dates of Faith No More’s reunion tour and I was lucky enough to get a hold of one. The image features her familiar missing heart girl, Orian, firing laser beams from her eyes. There’s just something amazing about an artist who still finds time to design a kickass rock poster while selling out...

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Tech Review: Here Active Listening by Doppler Labs

I’ve  photographed over 500 concerts and documented more than 100 weddings over the past two decades, opening up my ear canals to an endless barrage of deafening sound.  So it came as a huge surprise to find out that a company had designed a new technology that lets me control the quality and quantity of sound entering my ears and modify it to taste. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to purchase the new Here Active Listening buds by Doppler Labs when they went on sale earlier this year. My set of smart ear buds arrive in a minimalist white box with a...

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My Life with Sonos: A Connected Speaker Love Story

This post was not paid for by Sonos. I bought every Sonos Play with my own cash and love them all dearly.  I am a giant geek for whole-house audio systems. I have vivid memories of my grandmother playing her ancient record player and having the sound come out of almost every room in the house (albeit incredibly tinny). I thought that was the coolest thing in the world, but all my grandmother had to play was old Greek records and that’s about it. I longed to one day be able to pipe music throughout my abode and have the same tunes playing...

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Wesley & Kemp A-Frame Record Easel Review

On the list of needs and wants, an A-frame record easel to hold my vinyl sleeves while I’m listening to records falls squarely in the “wants” column. But for me, this minimalist stand is exactly what I’ve been searching for ever since I moved my record player to a location where I don’t have a place to store the sleeves or vinyl on deck for playing. What typically happens when I’m listening to music is that I put the sleeve on top of my Rotel amplifier, which means I’m covering the air vents and risk overheating the amp. More than likely I leave...

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Adam Wallacavage: That Guy Who Makes the Octopus Chandeliers

Allison and I fell in love with Adam Wallacavage’s chandeliers the moment we set eyes on them at Adam’s New York exhibit, “IL Lume Della Piovra,” at Jonathan Levine Gallery in 2006. I had never seen anything like them before. The octopus-shaped bodies were awash with blend of kitschy pinks and greens. Every tentacle bent in a different direction, hand-detailed down to the tiniest suction cup. Ten years later, we finally have our very own chandelier, Marcela, and I honestly think she’s one of Adam’s true masterpieces. Below is a short interview I did with Adam Wallacavage around the time of his 2006 exhibit....

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