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Introducing the Disposable (Apple) Watch

I tend to go through smartphones every two years, but I never considered that unusual. I pushed the limits of my current iPhone 4s in hopes that the iPhone 6 would have a mobile wallet (I was right), but I’ve been forced to live with a crippled phone that needs to be hard restarted every few hours. I know consumer technology has a short lifespan; but what is the definition of a lifespan? About a year ago, my first-generation iPad started working like crap. There was nothing physically wrong with it. I never dropped it, I always kept it...

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Cordies x Quirky

I’ve been a fan of the concept of Quirky for a while now, but this is the first time one of its products enticed me enough to spend a few bucks. The invention in question is Cordies — a weighted slab of rubber with five chunky nipples that secures your cables to your desk without relying on Velcro or glue. This is for gadget geeks, like me, that have chargers for multiple devices behind their desks and are frustrated every time a cable slides back through the gap in the desk or recoils into the wire pass-through portal. Designed...

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