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Comic book grading 101 for lapsed Marvel collectors (updated 2/28/17)

TL;DR: This is a primer for anyone that collected comics in the late ’80s/early ’90s and amassed a large amount of comics that they don’t know what to do with. I explain why I started collecting and stopped collecting comics, why I finally pulled my collection out of my parents attic and the process I went through to get key issues graded by CGC. This article will be updated as I go through the comic book grading process.  George and comic books: an abridged history I’ve been collecting comic books, in one form or another, ever since I was 10 years old....

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How to make a Broken Matt Hardy Halloween costume (cosplay)

Every year our buddy Shawn hosts an amazing Halloween party but while I love Halloween, it’s always harrowing to try and find a costume for the event, especially since a few of my buddies are legit costume designers and cosplayers. The first year we went, I lamed out and just bought an overpriced spandex Deadpool outfit that highlighted my lack of definition and was a pain to get in and out of. Last year, I stepped up my game and learned how to bend acrylic to make a badass version of Snake Eye’s ninja visor. This year I decided...

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10 awesome moments and experiences at NYCC 2016

After missing out on NYCC for nearly six years due to weddings and other schedule conflicts, I decided to hitNew York Comic Con 2016 hard to and see what all the fuss is about. I went to NYCC the first four or five years and I was underwhelmed by the lack of vendors and the b-rated feel of the show. That said, the event has ballooned in recent years, attracting a ton of cool exhibitors and selling out consistently. This year I was not disappointed. After three days of nonstop geekdom, here’s my wrap up of the 10 coolest things (and...

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New York Comic Con 2007 with George & Chuck Nasty

I’ve been going to comic book conventions since I was old enough to latch onto someone who could drive. What I grew up calling a comic con, however, isn’t exactly what you think of today as a convention. The Wayne Comic Convention & Expo ran monthly in a nearby Sheraton off Route 46 in New Jersey, and it consisted mostly of scary looking comic dealers trying to pawn off overpriced copies of Robin #1 (with the fancy embossed cover). Every year, we made the pilgrimage to either Wizard World in Philly, which was a step up because Marvel would actually show up there, or the Manhattan Comic Con, which featured mostly wrestlers in the basement of St. Mark’s church. So when it was announced that Reed was creating a comic book convention to rival San Diego’s legendary con, we were psyched. That was until we actually went in 2006 and realized that it encompassed only the basement of Javitz Center and there was barely room to breathe. That sucked. A year later, NYCC was back and a little bigger, but still not as impressive as it could be. Chuck Nasty and I decided to kill time and pretend we were journalists by interviewing the artists and crazies that attended the 2007 New York Comic Con. This was the result. Watch it in Vimeo if you are bummed out by the pixelation. HD was barely...

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Johnny X talks Parade (with Fireworks) at New York Comic Con

Back when New York Comic Con was still in its infancy, you could actually walk around the Javits Center and talk to people without being trampled by an army of Wookies. Case in point: NYCC 2008 where we accidentally stumbled on Johnny X, the legendary guitar player of Sticks & Stones and hero of the classic Bouncing Soul’s song. It turns out that his real name is actually Mike Cavallaro and he was hard at work on a new, at the time, comic called Parade (with Fireworks), which is still readily available on Amazon. This was originally published in...

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