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The King of New York: an interview with Turbo A.C.’s frontman Kevin Cole

The Turbo A.C.s, like Electric Frankenstein and Degeneration, are one of those bands that just personifies New York City. Their sound defined the NYC scene in the late ’90s and frontman Kevin Cole is considered the modern day king of the New York punk. Go to a show anywhere in Manhattan and you’re bound to see him. He has his fingers on the pulse of rock and roll and his cool, calm demeanor just screams punk rock.   This interview originally appeared in Life in a Bungalo on March 16, 2006 If kicking ass had a soundtrack it would feature more than a...

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Tiger Army interview with psychobilly heartthrob Nick 13 at WWF New York

I can’t lie, Tiger Army was the band that made me fall in love with psychobilly. Hell, I don’t think I even knew what psychobilly was until I got the second Give ‘Em the Boot compilation from Hellcat in 1999 and was instantly smitten. Keep in mind, the Internet was crap in the late ’90s and discovering music was still limited to going to music stores and making mix CDs. That said, Tiger Army was the gateway drug that led me to discover a ton of great psychobilly bands and horror bands over the past 15 year.  All I can remember...

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An interview with Turbonegro founder Happy Tom

Turbonegro is one of my favorite bands. Bar none. I saw them for the first time in 2003 at Irving Plaza after picking up the reissues of Ass Cobra and Apocalypse Dudes from Epitaph records and instantly fell in love with their ass-fueled rock and roll. Their live show was like nothing I’d ever seen. From the first note of “Denim Demon” to the culmination of “Erection” featuring Hank von Helvete’s ass rocket, I was smitten and ran home to start my own Turbojugend. When Retox came out, Rey Roldan from Reybee Productions hooked me up with an interview with...

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Tara McPherson and the art of kickass rock & roll posters

This interview was originally published in Life In A Bungalo on August 17, 2006 In the 10 years since I ran this interview, Tara McPherson has become a worldwide art icon and one of the most down-to-earth and hardworking artists out there today. Last year, she designed a sick series of limited posters for the New York dates of Faith No More’s reunion tour and I was lucky enough to get a hold of one. The image features her familiar missing heart girl, Orian, firing laser beams from her eyes. There’s just something amazing about an artist who still finds time to design a kickass rock poster while selling out...

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Mad Marge’s Alicia Ridenour on surviving the California psychobilly scene

This interview was originally published in Life In A Bungalo on September 6, 2007 I first heard Mad Marge & The Stonecutters two years ago on a psychobilly comp Return of the Hot Rod Zombies. The song was called “Shake” and it completely changed the way I listened to female psychobilly singers. Rather than sound all cutesy like some of her contemporaries, Mad Marge tore into the track like a vampire vixen on crank. The tune had more balls then most of street rock punk bands, yet the song was infectiously catchy. Turns out the band’s self-titled first record was teeming with songs like...

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