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Rise Against’s Joe Principe on songwriting, creative control & punk rock

This interview was originally published in Life In A Bungalo on August 14, 2007 Rise Against managed to do the impossible. A quartet of California hardcore kids (including former members of punk band 88 Fingers Louie) got so big on Fat Wreck Chords that they incited a major label bidding war for their services. After signing to Geffen, they released their tightest, catchiest records to date and received complete creative control of their music. While bands like Thursday and H2O fought to break free of their major label chains, Rise Against embraced the machine and used the band’s success...

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Bad Religion’s Jay Bentley on Napster, artist payments and longetivity

This interview was originally published in Life In A Bungalo #10 As I go through my interview archive, I’m turning up a ton of great interviews I did with my heroes that are a perfect snapshot of a moment in time. This interview was done with Jay Bentley in the parking lot of the Birch Hill Nightclub on October 22, 2000. The topics of discussion are simply fascinating, particularly his breakdown of the financial figures that bands receive from album sales. This was at the start of the digital music revolution and it’s insane to think how far we’ve come since...

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Johnny X talks Parade (with Fireworks) at New York Comic Con

Back when New York Comic Con was still in its infancy, you could actually walk around the Javits Center and talk to people without being trampled by an army of Wookies. Case in point: NYCC 2008 where we accidentally stumbled on Johnny X, the legendary guitar player of Sticks & Stones and hero of the classic Bouncing Soul’s song. It turns out that his real name is actually Mike Cavallaro and he was hard at work on a new, at the time, comic called Parade (with Fireworks), which is still readily available on Amazon. This was originally published in...

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Koffin Kats: Vic Victor Interview

If there’s one constant in my life, it’s that the Koffin Kats will play New Jersey twice a year, like clockwork. That said, they usually make some noise when they are coming to down. Not this time. Last week, I got a strange notification that the trio would be playing a one-off gig at a car show in South Jersey. Hambone and I were already going to the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market to shoot some artist interviews, so we figured why not drive another half hour to interview the best psychobilly band in the business today. We sat down...

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Attack of the Killer Mustache: Eagles of Death Metal Interview

I’m usually not fazed by death and destruction. As a product of the ‘80s, I was weaned on an unhealthy stream of Rambo, Mad Max and Conan, and built up an obscene tolerance to wonton murder and devastation. It’s not that I don’t have a heart, but I’ve long been able to remove myself from tragedy that unfolds on television. However, it really hit home when I heard about the recent shooting at the Bataclan Theater in Paris where 90 Eagles of Death Metal fans were killed just because they were enjoying a show. It’s very easy to put...

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