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Attack of the Killer Mustache: Eagles of Death Metal Interview

I’m usually not fazed by death and destruction. As a product of the ‘80s, I was weaned on an unhealthy stream of Rambo, Mad Max and Conan, and built up an obscene tolerance to wonton murder and devastation. It’s not that I don’t have a heart, but I’ve long been able to remove myself from tragedy that unfolds on television. However, it really hit home when I heard about the recent shooting at the Bataclan Theater in Paris where 90 Eagles of Death Metal fans were killed just because they were enjoying a show. It’s very easy to put...

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Adam Wallacavage: That Guy Who Makes the Octopus Chandeliers

Allison and I fell in love with Adam Wallacavage’s chandeliers the moment we set eyes on them at Adam’s New York exhibit, “IL Lume Della Piovra,” at Jonathan Levine Gallery in 2006. I had never seen anything like them before. The octopus-shaped bodies were awash with blend of kitschy pinks and greens. Every tentacle bent in a different direction, hand-detailed down to the tiniest suction cup. Ten years later, we finally have our very own chandelier, Marcela, and I honestly think she’s one of Adam’s true masterpieces. Below is a short interview I did with Adam Wallacavage around the time of his 2006 exhibit....

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