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Mai Tai T.V. #34: Wonder Woman, Iron Maiden, back shavers, Marvel vs. DC

Mai Tai T.V. returns tonight to dissect Wonder Woman, the movie that’s being called the first great DC movie of the modern era. We also discuss why it took Hambone 38 years to see Iron Maiden before he experiences the legends for the first time on their Book of Souls tour. We also review the BackBlade 2.0, the latest back shaving gear and argue over who would win in a fight — Justice League or the Avengers. AUDIO ONLY VERSION Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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Mai Tai T.V. #33: Guardians of the Galaxy, Pro Wrestling Crate, Box-a-mania

This week on Mai Tai T.V. we take a break from building baby furniture and go a little crazy unboxing a ton of subscription boxes that have been piling up over the past few weeks. In other words, this episode will be boring as hell for anyone listening on the podcast version. Watch as we geek out over the latest boxes from Marvel Collector Corps, Mug Crate, WWE Slam Crate and our very first Pro Wrestling Crate. As an FYI, none of these companies sponsor us, so these are all legit reactions and thoughts. Finally, we give a preview...

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Mai Tai T.V. #31: Iron Fist, Get Out, Lego Batman, Comic Grading, SRW

We’re back with another dose of pop culture insanity. This week, we review “Get Out,” “Lego Batman,” Iron Fist and Southpaw Regional Wrestling. George goes on a tangent about his obsession with HBO’s Girls and Hambone teaches us how to make a Big Bamboo cocktail (and we aren’t referring to his Hamboner). Also, George unboxes his first batch of graded comic books from CGC. Play along as Hambone tries to guess the grade. This is nerd level 10 right here. Big Bamboo 1/2 oz fresh lime juice 1/2 oz orange juice 1/2 oz grapefruit juice 1/2 oz passion fruit...

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Mai Tai T.V. #30: Logan, Mondo posters, Broken Hardy domination and the Road to Wrestlemania

Got nothing to do tonight? Tired of hunting down classified Wiki Leak’s documents? Tune in to Mai Tai T.V. as Hambone and I pore over the greatness that is “Logan,” wax philosophical about the cut throat world of poster collecting, whine about the bumpy road to Wrestlemania and teach you how to make a cocktail. Want more? Watch as we unbox the latest Marvel Collector Corps and Slam Crate boxes. This episode has it all. We even show you how Hambone gets his hair so FABULOUS and we have exciting new for Brine + Bastards fans. X-15 or Saturn...

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