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Mai Tai T.V. #26: A Very Krampus Christmas

Heads up true believers. This week on Mai Tai T.V., George was captured and replaced by Krampus, the evil anti-Santa Claus that torments children and eats souls. Krampus and Hambone celebrate the holidays with a murderous episode featuring reviews of Star Wars Rogue One, The OA and a look back at the greatness that is Gremlins. Krampus also takes this opportunity to call a handful of Mai Tai T.V. fans and bless them with horror live on the air. You do not want to miss this brutal episode, especially the guest appearance from the great Papa Emeritus 1.5. Hambone...

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Mai Tai T.V. #25: Doctor Strange, Comic Grading, The Damned, Election Coverage

Join us for live election coverage on Mai Tai T.V as we promote writing in the great John “Hambone” McGuire as president of the United States. We’ll also be reviewing Dr. Strange, talking about physical vs digital comic books and give a brutally honest review of The Damned 40th anniversary tour. We also teach you how to make an Ancient Mariner cocktail (no relation to the great Iron Maiden song). Ancient Mariner 3/4 oz fresh lime juice 1/2 oz white grapefruit juice 1/2 oz simple syrup 1/4 oz pimento liqueur 1oz demerara rum 1oz dark Jamaican rum Shake will with crushed...

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Mai Tai T.V. #24: Halloween, Walking Dead, Clowns, Westworld

Join us this week for a spooky Halloween edition of Mai Tai T.V. as Broken George Koroneos attempts to delete Brother Nero MeekGuire from existence. We will also be talking about the premiere of the Walking Dead and how it compares to the comic, our favorite Halloween stories, clowns and Westworld. If you’re really good, Hambone might even teach you how to make a Green Tea cocktail and unbox the latest Marvel Collector Corps box. That’s if George doesn’t delete him first. Green Tea Cocktail Cocktail recipe 3/4 lemon juice 1/4 simple syrup 1oz Jameson 1oz Peach Schnapps Ice...

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Mai Tai T.V. #22: NYCC Sneak Preview, Bad Religion, Luke Cage, Mug Crate

Comic fanboys get ready! This week go in deep and discuss the must-see panels at New York Comic Con. We review Bad Religion and Against Me’s recent show at Starland Ballroom, as well as the first season of Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix. Even better, Hambone unboxes the latest Mugcrate Tiki box and teaches you how to make a Carioca Hawaiian Cocktail. We even touch on the potential death of TNA Impact. Check out ARTxSoulNJ for awesome art. Order a Mugcrate Carioca Hawaiian Cocktail 1/2 oz lime juice 1 oz unsweetened pineapple juice 1 tsp simple syrup 1 dash...

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