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Mai Tai T.V. #30: Logan, Mondo posters, Broken Hardy domination and the Road to Wrestlemania

Got nothing to do tonight? Tired of hunting down classified Wiki Leak’s documents? Tune in to Mai Tai T.V. as Hambone and I pore over the greatness that is “Logan,” wax philosophical about the cut throat world of poster collecting, whine about the bumpy road to Wrestlemania and teach you how to make a cocktail. Want more? Watch as we unbox the latest Marvel Collector Corps and Slam Crate boxes. This episode has it all. We even show you how Hambone gets his hair so FABULOUS and we have exciting new for Brine + Bastards fans. X-15 or Saturn...

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Mai Tai T.V. #29: Hambone: Behind the Music, Legion, NXT Asbury Park

This week, we take a detour from our normal scheduled programming and dive deep into the life of John Hambone McGuire, the mysterious gentleman that played bass in a ton of brilliant bands including Pencey Prep, Fairmont, Brine and Bastards and Leathermouth. Hambone dishes on over two decades in the music business and what it was like playing with some of the greatest legends in punk rock.  We also discuss how awesome FX’s new Legion is, we give a full review of NXT Asbury Park and I tell the tale of how we waited in line for four hours to meet Chris...

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Mai Tai T.V. #28: Animal Blood, AFI, Logan, Royal Rumble predictions

It’s a new year and we’ve got amazing new guests. This week, join us as we interview the lumberjack Dangerous Dave Trainer about playing guitar in one of the most legendary New Jersey punk metal fusion bands, Animal Blood. He also walks us through his day-to-day life as a professional Sami Zayn impersonator. But that’s not all. George also shares his tragic past with tequila, particularly the infamous El Greco/Señor Chocolate incident and the New Orleans Half Man debacle. We spend the rest of the evening discussing the upcoming Iron Maiden tour, the new AFI record, the trend of...

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Mai Tai T.V. #27: Double-sized best of 2016 edition

There’s no better way to kick off the new year than to spend an hour listening to us argue over the best of the best of the previous year. Tune in this week to hear our picks for the best records, movies, television shows, tiki bars, punk albums and wrestling matches of 2016. Also joining us is the illustrious Kenneth Lucas (AKA Kursse) who lends his jaded opinion to the mix.  Daiquiri 1/3 oz gum syrup 2 oz light rum 3/4 oz lime juice Shake and strain; garnish with a lime wedge AUDIO ONLY VERSION Play in new...

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Mai Tai T.V. #26: A Very Krampus Christmas

Heads up true believers. This week on Mai Tai T.V., George was captured and replaced by Krampus, the evil anti-Santa Claus that torments children and eats souls. Krampus and Hambone celebrate the holidays with a murderous episode featuring reviews of Star Wars Rogue One, The OA and a look back at the greatness that is Gremlins. Krampus also takes this opportunity to call a handful of Mai Tai T.V. fans and bless them with horror live on the air. You do not want to miss this brutal episode, especially the guest appearance from the great Papa Emeritus 1.5. Hambone...

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