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Mai Tai T.V. #5: The Walking Deadpool, Blue Hawaii, Mutter Museum & The Yachtsman

This week on Mai Tai T.V., I don’t just manage to offend all of Philadelphia, I also manage to piss off the entire nation of Curaçao. To which I say, I can’t take any nation seriously that requires a special character to spell its name. Even better, we give an in-depth review of Deadpool and ponder its effect on future superhero movies. We look at the gruesome mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead (particularly what kind of bullet blew of Carl’s head) and we discuss our recent trip to the Mutter Museum and The Yachtsman Tiki bar. Finally, Hambone...

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Mai Tai T.V. #4: The Walking Dead, Bad Ass Women, Danial Bryan Retires, Google Cardboard

Season 1 of Mai Tai T.V. continues with a special Valentine’s Day edition devoted to the classic ginger cocktail — The Dark & Stormy — an old school rum drink from Bermuda whose origins are as mysterious as Hambone’s. We’ll also be discussing the new season of The Walking Dead and how closely it should follow the comic book storyline. Hambone offer a hands-on demonstration of the Google Cardboard VR viewer and talk about how virtual reality headgear could affect the way we play video games in the future. We give our thoughts on the retirement of Daniel Bryan and his...

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Mai Tai T.V. #3: The Painkiller, Rock Hall of Shame, Def Lep Hell Cruise, Lucha Underground

This week, we take the kid gloves off and question whether the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will ever induct metal legends like Maiden and Priest. We also offer our top 5 bands snubbed for RRHoF membership,  talk about the class of 2016 and ponder whether the organization has jumped the shark. We chat up the recent Def Leppard cruise from hell, which ended in death and destruction. Finally, we talk about the season premiere of Lucha Underground and it’s place in the wrestling ecosphere. All this while sipping on a Painkiller. Pusser’s Painkiller 2oz Pusser’s rum 4oz pineapple juice...

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Mai Tai T.V. #2: White Russians, Heroes & Villains, Rumble Results, Loot Crate Invasion

Welcome to the second episode of Mai Tai T.V. This time, we stepped up the production value of the show a little bit, moved to high definition video (take that VH1 Classics) and we even used a real microphone. Who knows, next week we might even have some one manning the camera. This week, Hambone unveiled his masterpiece — The Louisville Lebowski. I swear, I was drunk after three sips of this delectable albino concoction. We also discussed the recent Heroes & Villains convention that took place in NJ. We shared our opinions on the outcome of this year’s WWE...

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