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Love Cinema Vol. 6 Christmas reunion | Clash Bar | 12/16/2016

I’ve reviewed so many Love Cinema Vol. 6 shows and I’m so close to the artists in the band that anything I say is going to be incredibly biased. Instead of reviewing the show, I attempted to shoot a multi-camera video of the event to capture the entire set in all its glory. Here’s how I pulled it off using a smartphone and GoPro two cameras. I attached a GoPro 4 Silver  to the ceiling via a Manfrotto Super Clamp and arm that I controlled with my iPhone 7+. That camera was stationary and put at it’s widest setting so I didn’t miss...

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5 Tax Tips for Wedding Photographers

Tax season is never a fun time for small business owners (especially wedding photographers working full and part time jobs in multiple states), but it shouldn’t be a painful time either. If you start using some best practices early on, you can ensure that your photography business stays financially healthy and avoids a visit from the friendly-neighborhood IRS representative. Here are five accounting and tax tips that should make your tax season a little easier.* 1. Hire an accountant. A good accountant only costs about $400 to do your personal and business taxes. They are worth their weight in...

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How to be a Full-Time Wedding Photographer While Working a Full-Time Day Job

About a month ago, I was invited by a colleague to answer a few questions for a private photography group about how I juggle multiple careers and still enjoy life. I think it’s a subject that affects a lot of photographers and creative types that have many passions in life, but feel like they must choose one or the other. I disagree. I think you can be a wedding photographer and an editor and a Tiki bar builder or whatever and do it all, without losing your mind. So here’s the interview in its entirety. It’s a long read, but...

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