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Jello Biafra “Holiday in Cambodia” Asbury Lanes (6/25/14)

Jello Biafra might be the biggest enigma in punk rock. He is equal parts showman, genius and madman and he hasn’t lost any of the magic that made him a legend back in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Biafra is nothing like his contemporaries, he vocally mocks the machismo that plagued the hardcore punk scene in favor of an awkward, spastic stage presence that is a little unsettling and visually awesome. Two years back, on a whim, I stopped by Asbury Lanes to check out Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine. I was worried that much...

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Lawn Darts Review: Live at Clash Bar (1/30/16)

When Chuck Nasty told me that he was playing music again, I immediately got excited that he had resurrected his seminal sex-fiend band Love Cinema Vol. 6. Much was my surprise when he posted a flyer for an upcoming show featuring the Lawn Darts, local pop-punk stalwarts that dominated the North Jersey scened in the mid to late ’90s, along with bands like Felix Frump, Missing Children and Weston. I saw the Lawn Darts once — a million years ago — at Connections, a dumpy little dive that outlasted most of the great punk clubs from that era. I recall...

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Andrew W.K. Solo Show at Dingbatz

I’ve seen many strange shows in my life, up to and including Electric Frankenstein playing the Bloomingdales men’s department. But few shows perplexed me more than Andrew W.K.’s recent “solo” show at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ. This was the second time I’ve seen Andrew W.K. live. The first, was at the Stone Pony, soon after “Party Hard” blew up. That show was significant in that Andrew had recently broken his leg and played the entire set in a wheel chair, bouncing up and down like a lunatic strapped to a straight jacket. More than a decade later, Andrew W.K....

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The Germs at Asbury Lanes (7/3/09)

Replacement singers get a pretty bad rap, just ask any of the 50 lead singers of the Dead Kennedys that aren’t named Biafra. Hell, the war over whether Michael Graves has a right to call himself the singer of The Misfits still leaves casualties, years after he gave up the spot. So it was particularly disconcerting when The Germs announced that they filled the lead singer spot — once held by the legendary and long dead Darby Crash —with the guy who played Darby Crash in a Germs docudrama. I had my reservations, but I went to the show because the reviews were...

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Reverend Horton Heat, Nekromantix, Creepshow at Irving Plaza

Reverend Horton Heat/Nekromantix/Creepshow  Irving Plaza January 24, 2014 The Reverend Horton Heat is an act that’s both very easy to pigeonhole, yet very difficult to define. On one hand, you have traditional rockabilly band that blends Americana and psychobilly to design a sound that could easily be lumped in with old school stalwarts like the Stray Cats. But that would be too easy. RHH was born from the early ’90s Sub Pop scene, a world as far removed from Southern California rockabilly as it gets. They were both too late for the rockabilly revival and too early for the...

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