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Dwarves & Blanks 77 at Stone Pony | Punk Rock Bowling 2017

Going to see the Dwarves live is always a gamble. They’ve made a name for themselves through the ’90s and ’00s playing chaotic sets that could run anywhere from five minutes to an hour depending on what kind of mood singer Blag Dahlia is in. Paying $20 for a band that might not make it through two songs might be hard to swallow for the uninitiated few. But for those of us that have followed the Dwarves’ career, we know that $20 is pocket change if there’s a chance you will see the Dwarves melt your face off with...

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ALL (Descendents) Live at Maxwell’s | 8/19/2002 (full video)

Say what you will about the legendary Descendents — I will never argue their awesomeness — but ALL is the version of the Descendents I grew up with. From the moment I first heard “Original Me” on Breaking Things, I knew ALL was going to be one of my favorite bands and Chad Price was going to be one of my heroes. I was very lucky to catch ALL on a number of tours starting with their Irving Plaza show on May 25, 1995 supporting Pummel and I never saw them play a weak set. While I was stoked...

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My Chemical Romance Live at Maxwell’s | 8/16/2002

This is a super early My Chemical Romance set shot at Maxwell’s right after “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love” came out. The band opened for seminal Jersey punk icons, the Lawn Darts, and played an abridged half hour set before an already rabid audience. This was shot on a Sony DCR-TRV140 by the illustrious Josh Goldfarb and edited in iMovie. I was invited to cover the show after interviewing the band earlier in the week for the Belleville Times. I’ll post that interview eventually. It was pretty awful, considering I had no idea who...

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Love Cinema Vol. 6 Christmas reunion | Clash Bar | 12/16/2016

I’ve reviewed so many Love Cinema Vol. 6 shows and I’m so close to the artists in the band that anything I say is going to be incredibly biased. Instead of reviewing the show, I attempted to shoot a multi-camera video of the event to capture the entire set in all its glory. Here’s how I pulled it off using a smartphone and GoPro two cameras. I attached a GoPro 4 Silver  to the ceiling via a Manfrotto Super Clamp and arm that I controlled with my iPhone 7+. That camera was stationary and put at it’s widest setting so I didn’t miss...

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The Damned 40th Anniversary Tour Review | Gramercy Theater | New York

The Damned 40th Anniversary Tour | 10/30/16 | Gramercy Theater Let me preface this review by stating that The Damned are one of my favorite bands. I’ve seen them close to a dozen times since the mid-‘90s and think they are one of the greatest bands to come out of the first wave of punk rock. Dave Vanian has a voice that can’t be compared to anything else of its time and he still rocks harder than all his modern contemporaries. Knowing full well that The Damned are getting up there in age and seeing most of their peers...

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