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The Brian Setzer Orchestra “Ring of Fire” at BergenPAC

This past December, I got the opportunity to see Brian Setzer perform for the first time and I was as happy as a kid in a candy shop with crisp hundred dollar bill. While I would rather see the Stray Cats, I settled for the Setzer’s massive orchestra and their annual Christmas spectacular. The show was near perfect, with plenty of Setzer tunes spanning his entire career. I geeked out big time when he excused his horn section and stripped the crew down to the bare essentials — bass, guitar and vocals — and tore through a fiery set...

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The Bronx “Heart Attack American” Live at Terminal 5

Somehow I made it through life having never experienced The Bronx or their Mariachi counterpart. That was finally rectified on March 26, 2013, when I witnessed them open up for Bad Religion at New York’s massive Terminal 5 theater. It takes a lot to possess an audience in a building that big, but these Los Angelinos whipped the crowd into a frenzy and delivered a set that converted me into a fan overnight. Here’s “Heart Attack American” shot from the belly of the...

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Pennywise Covers Bad Religion at Summer Nationals

Last month, I gave in and went to see The Epitaph Summer Nationals Tour when it hit the Stone Pony landing. A real high point of the evening was watching Pennywise cover Bad Religion’s “Do What You Want” without permission from the band. Not surprisingly, the perennial favorite was cut from Bad Religion’s setlist when they performed later that evening. I would have paid money to have seen Bad Religion cover “Bro Hymn” out...

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