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Category: Punk Photos

Animal Blood live photos at the Kearny Irish American Club | 7/14/2007

It’s always kind of funny when I look back at old concert photos and realize that the guitarist in one of the bands is now one of my closest friends. In 2007, I had no idea who Animal Blood or Dave Trainer was other than that they were opening for one of my favorite bands, Love Cinema Vol. 6. Judging by the number of great photos I got of Dave I either already had a man crush on him or he kicked so much ass that I couldn’t ignore him. I’m sure it didn’t help that their lead singer...

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The Faint Live at Terminal 5 | NYC | 8/18/08

Reviewing old photos is an extremely painful process for me. While I love seeing old images with refreshed eyes, it sucks seeing how often I missed focus or murdered the exposure on otherwise great photos. In 2008, I upgraded my gear from a Canon 30D with a Tamron 17–50 f/2.8 lens to a Canon 40D and 24–70L lens. While the kit allowed me to capture focus faster, that didn’t mean I was nailing it. Case in point, my shoot with The Faint at Terminal 5 on August 18, 2008. I blew through a four gigabyte card during my allotted three songs and...

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Electric Frankenstein Live at Bloomingdale’s (2013)

I’ve seen a lot of strange things in my short 38 years on this earth, but the oddest has to be the time I saw Electric Frankenstein play the men’s section of Bloomingdale’s at the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, NJ. It was December 21, 2013 and I was about to start my winter break when I a notification came over Facebook from Electric Frankenstein’s ringleader Sal Canzonieri. He revealed that the band had struck a deal with Bloomingdale’s to do a pilot shirt sale and he wanted as big of a crowd as possible to show up to the...

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Motorhead: Lemmy Kilmister Photo Tribute

It always hurts when one of my heroes dies, because I never want to believe that legends are mortal. But when news spread that Lemmy passed away in late December, that sadness was mixed with inspiration; inspiration that I can live my life how I want to live it and go out never regretting anything. Lemmy lived and died by his own rules and that’s why he is a legend. I can’t remember when I first started loving Motorhead, but I’m pretty sure it had to do with “Born to Raise Hell” from the Airheads Soundtrack. I’m 100% positive I knew “Ace...

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The Germs at Asbury Lanes (7/3/09)

Replacement singers get a pretty bad rap, just ask any of the 50 lead singers of the Dead Kennedys that aren’t named Biafra. Hell, the war over whether Michael Graves has a right to call himself the singer of The Misfits still leaves casualties, years after he gave up the spot. So it was particularly disconcerting when The Germs announced that they filled the lead singer spot — once held by the legendary and long dead Darby Crash —with the guy who played Darby Crash in a Germs docudrama. I had my reservations, but I went to the show because the reviews were...

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