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Category: Georgisms

Introducing the Disposable (Apple) Watch

I tend to go through smartphones every two years, but I never considered that unusual. I pushed the limits of my current iPhone 4s in hopes that the iPhone 6 would have a mobile wallet (I was right), but I’ve been forced to live with a crippled phone that needs to be hard restarted every few hours. I know consumer technology has a short lifespan; but what is the definition of a lifespan? About a year ago, my first-generation iPad started working like crap. There was nothing physically wrong with it. I never dropped it, I always kept it...

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Caught in a Mosh

As a photographer, I typically hate having my portrait taken. Luckily, I have some amazing friends that can truly capture candid moments, even if I happen to be mugging for the camera inches away from their face. This was taken by one one of my favorite photojournalists, Mike McLaughlin, at an H2O show, a few years back. Mike is one of the hardest working photographers in Jersey and takes some brilliant concert and event photos. Follow him...

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Join the Cult

I needed a home for my random Georgisms and posts about all the awesome things I’ve discovered in my travels. If you are looking for an insightful journal teeming with wisdom, musings about innovation and deep thoughts, look elsewhere. Since all posts need a fun photo, here’s a picture of my pet guard turkeys frolicking with one of the many pink flamingos on my property. Mess with my turkeys and you will get gobbled to death. Don’t say that I didn’t warn...

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