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Category: Tiki

Forbidden Island Tiki Bar Review | Alameda, CA

Continuing my whirlwind tiki tour of the East Bay, I visited a tiki mecca that’s been on my holy grail list for a while — Forbidden Island in Alameda, CA. Located just a quick Uber ride from Longitude, the interior of Forbidden Island is a small, dark, foreboding establishment that conjures up visions of Frankie’s Tiki Room in Vegas. The place is a legit escape from reality. Slightly buzzed from Longitude, I took a spot by the bar and ordered the signature namesake drink featuring a decadent blend of pineapple, lime, rum and god knows what else. The cocktail went down perfectly and now I...

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Longitude Tiki Bar Review | Oakland, CA

I recently had the pleasure of attending Lenovo Tech World in San Francisco for the launch of the new Moto Z Droids, and figured it would be a perfect time to check out some of the many new tiki bars that sprung up in the Bay area since I last visited in 2009. Last time I was here, the original Trader Vic’s was closed for renovations and the Tonga Room was a ghost town. That’s definitely not the case these days, as there are no less than half a dozen awesome tiki bars with drinks that are nothing less than...

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Frankie’s Tiki Room 5th Anniversary Mug by Squid

This was the only Frankie’s anniversary edition mug that I missed out on the first time around. Mostly due to the fact that I didn’t think a hundred dollar mug would sell out instantly. I never made that mistake again. Sadly, this mug never came up for auction and I spent years longing to see it in my collection. A few weeks back, the artist that designed the mug, Squid, posted a few artists proofs on eBay. Each mug was finished with a custom glaze making this a unique 1/1 creation. I scored it for $7 more than the...

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GWARbar Richmond, VA Review

I realize that I have spent a good chunk of my adult life traipsing around the world visiting Tiki bars, but I never considered myself the kind of weirdo that would go out of his way to visit a theme bar, even if it is in tribute to the mighty GWAR. But there are two major reasons why I decided to set off on this road trip to review the GWARbar (based in lovely Richmond, VA). A) I wanted to go to Baltimore to visit a few of my friends B) Pusser’s Grill was on the way down and I...

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