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GWARbar Richmond, VA Review

I realize that I have spent a good chunk of my adult life traipsing around the world visiting Tiki bars, but I never considered myself the kind of weirdo that would go out of his way to visit a theme bar, even if it is in tribute to the mighty GWAR. But there are two major reasons why I decided to set off on this road trip to review the GWARbar (based in lovely Richmond, VA). A) I wanted to go to Baltimore to visit a few of my friends B) Pusser’s Grill was on the way down and I...

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The Yachtsman Philadelphia | Tiki Bar Review

Sometimes the bars closest to home are the ones that take the longer for us to get to. After being open almost an entire year, we finally made the hour-and-a-half journey to Philadelphia hipster territory (affectionately known as Fishtown) to down a libation or two at The Yachtsman, Philly’s only Tiki bar. First off, I’m not sure why Fishtown gets such a bad rap. The last time I checked, gentrification was a good thing, and I have no problem with local stores (like Yachtsman and Jinxed) moving into crappy areas and cleaning them up. Sure, the bar probably didn’t need...

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Malekula II Tiki Mug by Jack Churchill

This is the second Malekula mug released by Tiki Farm for Frankie’s Tiki Room in 2012. The first resembled a Tiki Bob, but this massive mug is a straight up Moai. Ironically, the designer, Jack Churchill, is an alias, much like Jack Spade is to Kate Spade. I have no idea who the actual designer is and we will probably never...

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