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Category: Tiki

Tiki Bandit Mug by Squid

This week I’m spotlighting mugs from my favorite tiki bar in the whole world – Frankie’s Tiki Room in Las Vegas. Located way off the strip on South Charleston, Frankie’s is the perfect escape from the madness of Vegas. This mug, designed by Squid for Tiki Farm in 2008, is the perfect Vegas mug, featuring a wooden slot machine with a mouth full of silver coins and a skull for...

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Fatutu Tiki Mug by Tiki Tony

Released in 2005, Fatutu was the first mug produced by tikitony and Tiki Central members got to see the process first hand. Limited to 100, this mug also came with a fancy screen printed box and scroll detailing the history of Fatutu. #Tiki #TikiMug #Fatutu #TikiBar #TikiGod...

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Shag Wahaku Warrior Tiki Mug by Tiki Farm

This massive Wahaku Warrior Mug is one of the only Josh “Shag” Agle mugs I’ve ever scored during an actual release. Produced in 2003 with a limited run of 300 mugs, this Tiki Farm vessel came with two spear swizzle sticks and a matching mini-print. The brown swizzle fits in a hole in the mug’s hand, giving the warrior a more imposing stance and helping break up the bright orange color of the mug. It was originally released for La Luz de Jesus gallery’s “It’s All About The Tiki” show, but I’m pretty sure I bought it through Tiki Farm’s...

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Crazy Al’s “Keeper of the Charm” Tiki Mug #13

Crazy Al’s “Keeper of the Charm” Tiki #13 is one of my all time favorites. Released in 2004 by Tiki Farm and limited to 250, this tiki vessel features a miniature mini-tiki clasped in the big Tiki god’s hands. The mug was modeled after Al’s full-size Tiki #13, which was created for the Copro/Nason Group Show in 1998. Crazy Al has a deluxe hand painted version of this mug available on his site for...

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