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Crazy Al’s “Keeper of the Charm” Tiki Mug #13

Crazy Al’s “Keeper of the Charm” Tiki #13 is one of my all time favorites. Released in 2004 by Tiki Farm and limited to 250, this tiki vessel features a miniature mini-tiki clasped in the big Tiki god’s hands. The mug was modeled after Al’s full-size Tiki #13, which was created for the Copro/Nason Group Show in 1998. Crazy Al has a deluxe hand painted version of this mug available on his site for...

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Luau at the Lake 2014 Tiki Mug by Squid

This is a custom version of the official Ohana Luau at the Lake 2014 mug by Squid. The regular edition of the mug sold out instantly online, but Squid produced a limited number of one-off, hand painted drinking vessels to be auctioned off at the event in Lake George, NJ. Since I failed miserably to score one of the regular mugs, I ended up in a small bidding battle for this one-of-a-kind gem. Tickets for the 2015 Luau, taking place June 25–28, are on sale now. Sadly, we can’t make this year’s event, but hopefully we’ll be there in...

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6 Bars Ushering In Tiki’s Exciting 3rd Wave

6 Bars Ushering In Tiki’s Exciting 3rd Wave I promise to have a full review of Latitude 29 in the next week or so. It might actually displace Frankie’s as my favorite Tiki bar in the world. This list is solid. I have a ton of work to do (and frequent flyer miles to earn). We are entering a golden age of tropical inebriation. Tiki cocktail culture, a faux-lynesian phenomenon beloved by mid-century Americans celebrating victory Over There, is now into a third wave. Following its Baby Booming inception, and subsequent Seventies backlash, tiki was dormant. A brief resurgence...

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Krampus Skull Mug by Munktiki

The end of the holiday season typically means three months of frigid weather and snow, mixed with seasonal depression and an overwhelming urge to hibernate. This year, however, the holidays ended with a nice surprise from Munktiki who released a super limited edition of the Krampus Skull mug. Only 25 red skulls and 25 white skulls were released to the general public (I scored a red one). So caps of a month of Krampus festivities. Hopefully Krampus will be even more prolific in...

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