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Category: Vintage Motorcycles

Motorcycle Tank Examination

I spent a few minutes last night taking the gas tank off so I can get to the carbs. Shocked to find out that there were no bolts holding the tank in place, just the seat. A quick look at the inside of the tank shows a little bit of rusting, but I should be able to clean most of it...

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The Quest for a Honda CB750

Ever since I bought my new Triumph Bonneville a few years back… scratch that. Ever since I bought my house, I’ve been obsessed with owning an old motorcycle that I can work on, restore, and hopefully one day ride. Two weeks ago, my Craig’s List RSS feed finally paid off and I found a 1975 Honda CB750 Four Super Sport. There were no photos on the listing and the price was extremely reasonable. I ran off to go see it the moment I got off the phone with the guy. The good news is that the bike is super...

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