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Category: Vinyl Fiend

Vinyl Me, Please: One record club to rule them all | 18 month review

It’s easy to think of Vinyl Me, Please as the modern equivalent of the BMG or Columbia record services you scam when you were a kid. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. You think you “Get 12 free CDs for a penny,” but end up having to buy seven more CDs for $20 that you know you can’t afford. Except you never paid them back and just hoped that your credit rating at 15 would be expunged when you turned of legal age.  Vinyl Me, Please is nothing like that. Rather than ship you a random...

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Wesley & Kemp A-Frame Record Easel Review

On the list of needs and wants, an A-frame record easel to hold my vinyl sleeves while I’m listening to records falls squarely in the “wants” column. But for me, this minimalist stand is exactly what I’ve been searching for ever since I moved my record player to a location where I don’t have a place to store the sleeves or vinyl on deck for playing. What typically happens when I’m listening to music is that I put the sleeve on top of my Rotel amplifier, which means I’m covering the air vents and risk overheating the amp. More than likely I leave...

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