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Category: Wanderlust

How to cross the Death Highway of Maui

I’ve done a lot of stupid things in life, but few are as stunningly foolish as our recent adventure across the Kahekili Highway, also known as the Death Highway of Maui. Stretching across the North end of the island, Kahekili Highway is a scenic journey across treacherous one-lane roads that grip the side of a mountain with hardly a barricade or guardrail in sight. Our journey began on a warm early-November afternoon. We had just finished exploring most of the Eastern side of Maui and stopped at Tasty Crust, an amazing dive diner that would fit in perfectly in New Jersey. We...

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Why Disneyland Is So Much Better Than Disney World

This is being reposted from my Facebook Wall in tribute to the last great ride at Epcot in Disney World — Maelstrom — getting axed in favor of a stupid Frozen ride. This is just another reason why Disneyland is better. Well, after finally spending a decent amount of time in both Disney parks, I can honestly say that Disneyland kicks Disney World’s ass when it comes to the Magic Kingdom. Here’s my Top 10 list of why I like Disneyland more: Characters are everywhere in the park with little to no lines. Mickey had a line of five people....

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