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House of Hardcore 25: Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero vs. Philly | results and full review

Memories flood back in my mind when I think about Extreme Championship Wresting, more commonly known as ECW (that’s “double-u” spelled out, not “dub”). A good chunk of my high school and college years were spent watching ECW on local MSG affiliates at ungoldy hours of the day, or traveling to high school gymnasiums and dilapidated convention halls to watch pro-wrestlers destroy their bodies for the pleasure of us bloodthirsty fans. ECW was wrestling for punks during the heart of the punk rock resurrection and the tristate was ground zero. This was OUR wrestling federation and you couldn’t confuse...

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How to make a Broken Matt Hardy Halloween costume (cosplay)

Every year our buddy Shawn hosts an amazing Halloween party but while I love Halloween, it’s always harrowing to try and find a costume for the event, especially since a few of my buddies are legit costume designers and cosplayers. The first year we went, I lamed out and just bought an overpriced spandex Deadpool outfit that highlighted my lack of definition and was a pain to get in and out of. Last year, I stepped up my game and learned how to bend acrylic to make a badass version of Snake Eye’s ninja visor. This year I decided...

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Cheap Heat Live with Peter Rosenberg Full Review

When I got back into wrestling last summer, one of the first things I did was hunt down some podcasts to listen to on my two hour commute to work and back. While I gravitated towards the shows put on by my favorite stars (Stone Cold, Jericho, Jim Ross, Taz), I also wanted to get a third-party view of the industry that wasn’t jaded, biased or stuck up it’s ass. The AV Club led me to Cheap Heat starring Peter Rosenberg and his then co-host David Shoemaker. The show was far from polished and half the time Rosenberg seemed miles...

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Kaiju Big Battel New York Blackout | Webster Hall | 2/9/08

I’m a huge fan of everything pro-wrestling, not just WWE. In particular, I’m a mark for anything that combines giant monsters, lucha-style stunts and talking plantains. A few years back, I had the rare opportunity to photograph Kaiju Big Battel, a Boston-based wrestling federation created by art students and pro-wrestling fans. Think New Japan Pro-Wrestling meets GWAR. Photographers were allowed to photograph from one side of the ring with no barricade and no idea when or what move was going to take place. To say this was a learning experience is an understatement. At one point, a flying alien...

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Confessions of a Relapsed Wrestling Fan

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m a huge wrestling fan. Ever since my grandmother introduced me to Saturday Night Main Event when I was a child, I have been hooked on professional wrestling and, more importantly, World Wrestling Entertainment. That said, I have had an on again/off again relationship with sports entertainment. I watched most of Hulkamania from 1984 to 1990 then stopped watching when I was in high school because I wanted to be cool and missed the wretched early ’90s period. I picked it up again in 1996 to watch my childhood hero, Shawn Michaels, become a legend and stayed...

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