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An Interview with Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray

Iron Maiden is my favorite band and has always been number one on my bucket list of bands to meet and photograph. As you can imagine, it was next to impossible to get face time with the group when you have a photocopies fanzine with little to no distribution or circulation. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t try. For years, I harassed the band’s publicist for a phone interview and a photo pass, but I was turned down over and over again. Then something horrible and wonderful happened. In the mid-’90s, Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson quit the band...

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Bruce Dickinson “What Does This Button Do” autobiography review

Bruce Dickinson What Does This Button Do?: An Autobiography Dey Street Books I jumped on Amazon the moment I heard about the pending release of a true Bruce Dickinson autobiography and instantly preordered a copy of “What Does This Button Do?“. I waited close to three decades for a proper memoir from the Iron Maiden camp, and I was finally going to get it from arguably the second most important member of the band. Up until now, the only insights I’ve had into Maiden, barring the meh interview I did with Dave Murray in 1998, was the occasional interview...

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Modern Iron Maiden albums ranked worst to best

Iron Maiden just rereleased all of their modern-era albums on fancy 180 gram vinyl and I’ve dropped a ton of dough to collect every single one. While the ’90s and new millennium were definitely a time of change for the greatest metal band of all time, it was also an era of musical reinvention (more than once), a new frontman and some of the band’s most engaging work.  The recent vinyl reissues replace the kinda recent picture discs that sounded awful and cost way too much. The first round of early Maiden records came out a year ago with...

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34: Wonder Woman, Iron Maiden, back shavers, Marvel vs. DC Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Play | Stitcher | RSSMai Tai T.V. returns tonight to dissect Wonder Woman, the movie that’s being called the first great DC movie of the modern era. We also discuss why it took Hambone 38 years to see Iron Maiden before he experiences the legends for the first time on their Book of Souls tour. We also review the BackBlade 2.0, the latest back shaving gear and argue over who would win in a fight — Justice League or the Avengers. AUDIO ONLY...

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RSD Black Friday 2016: 10 records worth picking up

I have to be honest, I’m one of those cranky pants vinyl geeks that bitch about how every day should be Record Store Day, and how RSD has sold out by placating to major labels and making it next to impossible for indie bands to get their records pressed. That said, I still believe in supporting my local record store, and if that means trudging out on a made up holiday to drop $100+ on overpriced, limited edition vinyl, so be it. The Black Friday edition of RSD is typically a much more low-key event than the April version. The...

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