Ever since I bought my new Triumph Bonneville a few years back… scratch that. Ever since I bought my house, I’ve been obsessed with owning an old motorcycle that I can work on, restore, and hopefully one day ride.

Two weeks ago, my Craig’s List RSS feed finally paid off and I found a 1975 Honda CB750 Four Super Sport. There were no photos on the listing and the price was extremely reasonable. I ran off to go see it the moment I got off the phone with the guy.

The good news is that the bike is super clean, has very little visible rust, and the seat and tank are in mint condition. Even better the engine ran when he turned the key. The not so good news (but not necessarily bad news), is that the carbs are shot. To get the engine working, the previous owner tethered the gas tank to a Y-tube that was connected straight to the carbs. In other words, he was force feeding the carbs gas. Also, both set of brakes are shot. Not sure what’s wrong, but they don’t work at all.

I handed him the cash, told him where to drop it off and ran home with tears of joy. Over the next few months you’ll be seeing me and my friends attempting to turn this bad boy into a cafe racer while trying to maintain some of the bike’s 1970s charm. Let’s see what happens.