***WARNING: The quality of this week’s episode is not up to our typical standards. Our studio was attacked by Gremlins and they wrecked havoc on Hambone and Ken’s mics.*** 

We are less than two months away from Halloween, which means the horror conversations are heating up. This week, we discuss the legendary Texas Chainsaw Massacre — my favorite horror movie of all time and Ken Lucas gives his thoughts on the Twin Peaks finale and explains whether it’s worth a binge watch now that its over or whether  it will bore us to death. On the lighter side, I give an oral history of Pusser’s Painkiller, the only pineapple and coconut cocktail you should ever consider drinking. 

Villains, the new Queens of the Stone Age album, is out and it’s being called their best album since Songs for the Deaf. We weigh in with our personal judgement on the record and where it fits in the pantheon of great doom/stoner rock albums. Also, we give our non-spoiler opinions on WWE’s Mae Young Classic and talk about the standout superstars in the tournament. Finally, Hambone unboxes the latest Loot Crate WWE Slam Crate, featuring the Hardys, Undertaker and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

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