Season 1 of Mai Tai T.V. continues with a special Valentine’s Day edition devoted to the classic ginger cocktail — The Dark & Stormy — an old school rum drink from Bermuda whose origins are as mysterious as Hambone’s. We’ll also be discussing the new season of The Walking Dead and how closely it should follow the comic book storyline.

Hambone offer a hands-on demonstration of the Google Cardboard VR viewer and talk about how virtual reality headgear could affect the way we play video games in the future. We give our thoughts on the retirement of Daniel Bryan and his impact on wrestling. Finally, it’s all about women that kick ass. From Jessica Jones to Rey from Star Wars: A Force Awakens, strong female characters are finally taking center stage and we are stoked.

Dark & Stormy

2oz Pusser’s British Rum
3oz Pusser’s Ginger Beer (or any non-spicy rum)
Half ounce fresh-squeezed lime

Dump into a highball glass filled with ice, top off with more ginger beer and stir.

Audio Only Version